Recall Task Administration Tips

  • Recall items are listed in alphabetical order for ease.
  • If the client states the recall items quickly, it might be easier for the therapist to temporarily write or use the comment box to type the first 2-3 letters of each item reported by the client and then go back and check off the boxes on the recall list.
    Note: In standard procedures, the client is not permitted to write the names of the items recalled. Writing a list will help the client keep track of what items were recalled and may serve as a cue.

  • Probe vague responses during recall: If the client provides a vague answer. e.g. “utensils” probe the response by asking the client to ‘Describe it more” or “Tell me more about what it looked like”
  • During recall, there is an option for the therapist to view the pictures again. This is helpful if a person describes an object (rather than naming it). You will need to press the Esc key to return to the recall screen.

  • If the person is able to accurately describe the picture or object but cannot state the name accurately, they are still given full credit. The person should not be penalized for a naming problem
  • The order in which items are checked are recorded – This allows analysis of order of recall. Order of recall can reflect strategy use.
  • If the client repeats the same item more than once, or names extraneous items that are not present, include this information under observations.
  • If you are not sure if the person has finished, say to the person “tell me when you are finished”.