What is the CMT-2 ? How is it Used ?

The web-based Contextual Memory Test v2, (CMT-2) was designed to assess self-awareness of memory performance, strategy use, and recall in both children and adults with memory difficulties. It involves immediate (IR) and delayed recall (DR) of 20 pictures of objects related to a scene (eg. restaurant, school, or morning). Questions before and after recall examine the ability to predict memory abilities and estimate actual recall performance. In addition, strategy use such as the use of association or the overall context is investigated and rated during the after-task interview. Results are presented as a quick summary and a narrative report is automatically generated.

The CMT-2 is not diagnostic and is not intended to replace other standard measures of memory. It provides additional information that can be helpful to the healthcare team. Information obtained on awareness, strategy use, and recall are interpreted together and are used, along with other data and tests, for the purposes of choosing and planning rehabilitation interventions.

The original CMT was developed for use with adults with memory disorders and published in 1993 by Therapy Skills Builders and later by Pearson Inc. The online CMT-2 is similar to the original paper version of the CMT (Toglia, 1993), however, colored photos are used instead of black and white drawings; some items have been replaced, and 2 scenes (school and morning) have been added for use with children. A similar modified children's version of the CMT was investigated in Israel by Kizony et al, 2014.

Users are encouraged to consult the original CMT manual for background information and interpretation, including analysis of patterns (awareness, strategy use, and recall performance) and implications for treatment. A new manual for the CMT-2 will be developed by the author, Joan Toglia PhD, OTR/L after pilot testing is completed.

Toglia, J.P. (1993) The Contextual Memory Test. Tuscon, Arizona: Therapy Skills Builders.

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